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Nick’s Story

Youthbuilders’ Stories

2019 Young Builder award winner Nick’s mother passed away when he was young, leading to an unsettled upbringing, with Nick's home life eventually becoming untenable. But Nick overcame this difficult start and is now an Assistant Site Manager.

The Early Years

2019 Young Builder award winner Nick’s mother passed away when he was young, leading to an unsettled upbringing, with Nick’s home life eventually becoming untenable. This coincided with a crucial stage in Nick’s education. A tumultuous home life and pressure at school knocked him off track.       

But he was resilient and determined. Nick left the family home to live with his grandparents, a stabilising force in his life. And with the support of his partner, Nick was able to refocus on what was important to him.

Choosing Construction

Nick had always enjoyed activities with an end product, a tangible outcome to his efforts. This desire to make and fix things translated into career ambition, and Nick chose to enter the construction industry as an apprentice. 

Starting as a landscaping apprentice for a year, Nick continued his career path in construction by beginning a joinery apprenticeship with Jones Homes, a large £100 million development with 73 houses, community centre with pool, and a 45-bed care home.

At this time Nick was able to gain more independence as he moved from his grandparent’s home into a flat. Nick went on to complete his level 3 NVQ and was nominated for the CITB apprentice of the Year.

Working as trainee site manager, Nick gained the trust and respect of his manager and mentor at Jones Homes, who said of Nick: “After only one year Nick has gained all his legally required site manager qualifications and I can comfortably and confidently say I can leave Nick to run the site if I’m not on-site.” High praise indeed.

Young Builder of the Year

Nick’s focus and diligence, his determination and achievement through adversity, and his success in his construction industry training, lead him to be nominated for the 2019 YBUK Young Builder of the Year Award. 

Short-listed as a finalist, Nick attended the awards ceremony at the House of Commons, along with the other finalists, family members and mentors, as well as invited guests from the construction industry and MPs.

At the awards ceremony, Nick was announced the winner of the 18–24-year-old category, receiving a prize of £1,000 worth of professional tools.

A Bright Future

Nick continues to excel in his job and is currently undertaking an HNC in construction. Nick’s manager and mentor at Jones Homes has commended Nick for his teamwork, self-discipline and pride in his work, saying: “I expect Nick to go far in this industry and look forward to watching his career go from strength to strength.” We were delighted to recognise Nick’s achievements with the Young Builder of the year Award and congratulate him on his win in 2019. From rocky beginnings to outstanding success and a bright future in the construction industry, we celebrate Nick and wish him well in his career. 

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