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Kyron’s story

Youthbuilders’ Stories

Kyron's father burnt their house down, his parents were hard drugs users, he was homeless for a while, and left school with no qualifications. Youthbuild Essex helped him rebuild his life and he's now an aspiring young bricklayer

The difficult days

Kyron’s father set fire to the family home. Kyron was just six. His father went to prison and the family were moved to a hostel.

When his father came out prison he started dealing in drugs. He was menaced because he owed other dealers money. Both Kyron’s parents were heroine and cocaine users.

Kyron also started using drugs, he got into fights at school and the drugs caused paranoia. He changed school six times and aged 16 he left school with no qualifications. He became homeless for a while, sleeping in a tunnel and on park benches.

The way out was tough

Kyron’s first attempts at gaining qualifications at his local college didn’t work out for him. His drug use meant he suffered form poor concentration and he hung around with dealers rather than attending classes.

Essex Youthbuild gave Kyron the opportunity of some work experience and after a difficult start Kyron learned the importance of attendance and timekeeping. His stamina and self discipline improved and he went from someone who struggled to do a day’s work to achieving 100% attendance and timekeeping.

Jane Cosh, Youthbuild Essex’s CEO at the time Kyron was nominated said, “Kyron became a very mature and responsible young man. His attitude to work experience became exemplary. He thoroughly enjoyed it and it made him totally committed to finding a career in construction.”

Grasping the future with both hands

Kyron became determined to take control of his future. His work experience with Youthbuild Essex on a building site gave him a sense of direction. “I enjoy building, I now enjoy achieving qualifications and I’ve learnt to enjoy learning,” Kyron said. “I’ve found that getting into a routine and coming to the same place on a regular basis helps me focus. Getting my first qualifications under my belt was brilliant. I am determined to be a bricklayer and make a life for myself.”

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