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Joe Brennan Training (JBT): directly employed apprentice training

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JBT's focusses on apprentices' needs to achieve high rates of success

Who is JBT?

Starting out as a qualified carpenter, Joe Brennan went on to found Joe Brennan Training (JBT), an apprenticeship training agency that works across and around London. Joe has since accumulated over 30 years’ worth of experience in the construction industry, which he imparts on the apprentices that enrol at JBT. 

JBT boasts an 82% success rate for its apprentices – from enrolment, through to gaining their qualifications, and then on to them securing employment. They have run over 60 successful programmes across London and beyond on behalf of their clients.

The JBT offer

At JBT, they believe the apprentice comes first. Their aim is to get their apprentices qualified and into employment. JBT does this by directly employing the apprentice, removing the human resources burden from the client, and ensuring that their apprentices get the support and training they need and are paid correctly and on-time. They introduce their apprentices to the site staff that they will be working with and make sure they feel comfortable. They then monitor each apprentice on-site, and at college, and update clients with regular progress reports. Moreover, they ensure that once sitework is completed, the apprentice is moved on to another programme until the apprentice has completed their on-site qualification period. 

They believe that starting early and advising interested students, from even before they start GCSE’s, allows students to plan their futures and throw themselves into their work. This support and guidance continues right through their training and qualification until they are employed.  

JBT make sure apprentices have everything they need to prosper. They are paid a competitive rate, plus travel expenses as well as being provided with PPE and a toolkit.

Moving Forward

Whilst JBT training started as a construction training agency, where there has been a huge skills gap, they see that their training model can be applicable in other industries, such as in digital marketing apprenticeships. Their plan is to implement their training model in other sectors without compromising their quality of service.

Jamie’s Journey – Anxious to Confident

Jamie was 20 years old when he first approached JBT for an apprenticeship. He had already completed his Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing at South Thames College and was very keen to progress to site work. 

At his interview he came across as an intelligent, committed young man but was extremely nervous and shy. When he started on site he found it a very daunting environment, but with the help of his mentor and a very supportive supervisor he soon settled in. His attendance and timekeeping from the outset have been excellent and he has always worked diligently at any tasks given to him. Just over a year later his self confidence has increased significantly. This has also been recognised by his tutor who commented: “Jamie always wants to make sure that he gets everything perfect, and his self-confidence has improved no end. It is great to see Jamie progressing so well and we look forward to seeing him complete in 2023.”

For his part Jamie has really enjoyed his time on site and apart from all the new skills he has learnt, he is also really pleased by the many new friends he has made. 

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