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Andrei’s story

Youthbuilders’ Stories

Andrei came to the UK aged just 9. Here, he has faced, racism, violence, housing problems, and limited opportunities. Given a chance by Classic Builders, he's become one their best ever apprentices. No surprise then that Andrei was the Youthbuild Young Builder of the Year 2023 in the 14 - 18 category.

A rocky beginning

Andrei’s family’s move to the UK to escape unemployment, drug abuse and crime, didn’t provide the better life they sought.

They lived in a deprived area of the SW on a housing estate where crime and anti-social behaviour was so bad that Police introduced a night time curfew for under 18’s.

Unfortunately, Andrei started associating with the wrong people and was going down the wrong track.

At school he had to learn English, had no particular focus and struggled with attention in classes. His future looked bleak and his greatest achievement was just to survive.

Aged 16 he left home after differences with his step father and had to find temporary accommodation. Here he was falsely accused of crime and had to move again.

Grasping a helping hand

Andrei was given a summer placement by Classic Builders in summer 2022. He immediately impressed with his hard work and dedication, so much so that Classic offered him a NVQ Level 2 Groundworks Apprenticeship.

Although this involved a 100 mile round trip to college his determination to succeed shone through. He quickly impressed with his punctuality at college, and on site his commitment meant arriving early to prepare for the trades he supported.

From surviving to thriving

With Classic Builders’ support and encouragement, Andrei has crafted himself a bright future. He thrives on working hard and achieving.

He aspires to be a Senior Groundworker, developing his experience and gaining qualifications with Classic to deliver large and more complex projects.

On a personal level he aspires to build his own house and create a safe, secure and prosperous future for his family.

Based on his performance and attitude to date, and his approach to overcoming difficulties, his mangers believe his career opportunities are limitless. His grit, faith and humble sense of self-belief make them believe he has all the attributes to become a dedicated and successful young professional.

David Gamble, one of Classic Builders’ most experienced Site Managers, says:

“Having worked in this industry for 40 years, I am impressed by Andrei, he works exceptionally well with others and is one of the hardest working apprentices I’ve met. He’s overcome some really tough times. He supports others and works hard to be ahead of the trades he’s working with (so to make their lives easier). He has a bright future ahead of him and I’m proud to have worked with him.”

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